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Leveraging Your Sorority Network

When we go through sorority recruitment, we are flooded with messages about sisterhood and what it looks like during our collegiate years. From bid day buddies and big/little pairings to sisterhood events and living in the house, there’s no end to the ways in which sisterhood can take place within our chapters. But what if I told you there was a whole other side to sisterhood, one that can reach across campuses and states and can help propel you from your collegiate years into your professional career? That’s right - joining a sorority gives you not only a sisterhood, but also an immense network you can use to your advantage as you apply to jobs or graduate schools! Read below for the top tips on how to leverage your sorority network!

  1. Start with your Advisors

    1. Your advisors can be a significant first step to connecting with other sisters! They will have connections from their time in their chapter, from their school, upper-level advisors, and their professional careers. Advisors are also great resources for letters of recommendation for graduate school, the job search, or even scholarships, so don’t hesitate to reach out and start building those connections!

  2. Connect with Alumni Associations in your Area

    1. Many sororities have alumni associations set up - they may be for specific chapters or a particular region. Women in these groups will have a wide variety of careers, and may have lived in different cities or states where they have connections. Many sororities have links to their alumni associations on their website, so check there to see how you can get in contact with your chapter or local association!

  3. Join Facebook Groups

    1. I don’t know about you, but I love a good Facebook group! Nowadays, there are Facebook groups for specific chapters, cities/states, and even career fields! When I decided to go to graduate school, I joined a Facebook group for Alpha Delta Pi’s in Higher Education, and it’s been a wealth of resources, knowledge, and newfound connections from coast to coast. Social media is such a powerful tool that we all have at our fingertips, so it’s the perfect platform to use to expand your network beyond just the people you know.

  4. Always be Listening

    1. One of the easiest ways you can leverage your network is simply by listening! When you’re on a call, training, or webinar - be aware of when people introduce themselves, particularly when they mention where they went to school and what company they work for. If either of those is of interest, I write the person’s name and information down to try and find them on social media or LinkedIn. Even if I don’t know them personally, the shared sorority experience makes it easy to reach out and get a conversation going!

  5. Branch Out!

    1. While it may be simple, it’s also very true - asking questions is an excellent way to find things out! By starting with just one person, you open up the door to many more connections, as that person can connect you with their sorority sisters, friends, coworkers, and more! By asking if they know anyone else you can talk to about a certain subject, you can find more information and have more relationships to build upon in the future! An example of this would be that I asked my advisor if she knew anyone that attended a specific school I was looking at for graduate school. She connected me with one of her fellow Leadership Consultants who had gone there for undergrad, who then connected me with one of her friends who was currently attending there for graduate school. From there, the next girl was able to connect me with one of her coworkers who was currently in the program I was looking at! All of those connections offered me a new perspective on the school I was looking at, and it all started with one person!

While establishing connections in the professional world may be intimidating at first, having a global network of sorority women means you’re already more connected than you think! So the next time you’re looking for a job or internship, remember that we are all sisters, and sisters are committed to each other’s success!


Erin is one of our incredible interns who will be contributing to Her Sorority Journey programming & development during the 2021 summer! Meet our rockstar team of interns here:

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