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Is Sorority Still Relevant?

Updated: May 17, 2023

Do we really still need sororities? If you've been on a college campus recently, I'm sure you've seen the crazy number of clubs and organizations. Our campuses are SATURATED with opportunities to enhance your hobbies, career aspirations, or values. So what makes a sorority different?

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When sororities were founded 150+ years ago, our founders were DESPERATE for belonging. They were few and far between on college campuses and needed the support of other women navigating the same struggles.

While we may not be the minority on college campuses anymore, there is still an overwhelming need for women to know that they are not alone in college.

From the newness of moving out of your parents house (maybe even across the country!) to being academically focused to fulfilling internships to be set apart for a future job, there could not be more on your plate as a college student! I remember struggling with the intensity of transition on top of the perceived pressures and expectations! There is nothing more lonely than feeling like you are the only one facing these pressures and unspoken expectations.

And while major-specific clubs, sports teams, internship cohorts, or friends from elective classes cultivate community, it's often limited to that specific interest or topic. The beauty of our sororities is that they are social organizations designed to prepare women holistically for society.

And that's why we still need sorority. But if that wasn't enough to convince you, here are two future sorority women & 5 reasons the sorority experience is relevant:

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1. Celebration Committee

Sisters celebrate more than sorority success with you ~ they cheer you on at your intramural game, help you practice for that interview, sit down and study with you before finals, and recognize wins both big & small. I've seen more and more chapters implement positive recognition into their chapter programming to ensure that their sisterhood is a space that promotes the successes of their members!

2. Stress Management Support

True story: when I was chapter president of my sorority, I was living off protein bars & Vitamin waters, my hair was dying, and I was struggling to fall asleep at night - all just because of the amount of stress I was under.

I, along with the collegiate women I have worked with, don't compartmentalize stress very well. I believe we need sororities because these communities provide us a space and relationships to process all the various stressors: academic, family, relationships, leadership responsibilities, etc.

3. Heartbreak Healers

Your sisters are the ones who will not only cry with you after whatever may have stopped you in your tracks, but also pick you up & help you start again. If it's an ended relationship, family emergency, or failure of any kind, it was my trusted sorority sisters who I knew would be there will me to grieve, externally process, and, when the time came, move forward.

I had my fair share of heartbreak while in college: grandparents getting sick, a messy breakup, family drama, almost failing a Spanish class, and every time I knew where I could go... my best friend's RA dorm room. Who do you go to when everything seems to be falling apart? I bet it's a sister friend.

4. Propels your Holistic Growth

Our organizations are designed to promote much more than academic excellence. While the sororities are intended to cultivate a space for women to thrive holistically in college, there is a focus on academic success alongside personal growth, relational awareness, and professional development. I can't think of another organization on campus that desires for a student to grow in so many ways!

I think this is often misconstrued as sororities are considered social organizations ~ but instead of equipping women to better socialize at a party, social organizations actually means preparing women for society which includes developing women's' understanding of themselves, their relationships, and professional skills.

5. Sisters to Fight & Rewrite Expectations

Women are facing way too many pressures ~ if it's an aspirational body image, relationship status, or instagram aesthetic, it's exhausting us from being intentional and content where we are now. Sorority provides a safe place to talk about these empty expectations and set better ones from ourselves + one another.

So whatever drew you to your organization or makes you want to be a part of one, I hope you believe in the experience not just for the purpose it served, but for the value it continues to provide.

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