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Let Us Be Your Guide

Our courses are designed to meet you exactly where you are, either as a leader learning how to lead an entire organization or as a sister wanting to dive deeper into membership.

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What you can expect...

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Individual Reflection

Our courses start with brief video lectures on the topics covered and reflective worksheets to reframe your perspective of your membership or leadership experience. 

selfie of a Cassie Little in front of a group of 9 other women in front of a projector screen

Collaborative Discussion

The modules or paths of each course include facilitator guides to provide opportunities for continued & collective reflection. Additionally, all courses include membership to a private Facebook group for an extension of sisterhood!

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Our Courses

From learning what it means to be a sorority woman to navigating difficulties during membership to transferring the experience into your alumnae years,

your sorority journey is worth fighting for but does not need to be navigated alone.

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Her Sorority Journey

Enroll individually for support throughout your journey OR ask us about our group orders!

Path 1 for your potential new members

Path 2 for your sisters

Path 3 for your seniors or young alumnae

The seven modules ensure accountability & leadership development throughout an entire officer term, from casting a vision in January to identifying strong leaders in November. The timeline aligns with the sorority's calendar to address pertinent issues in the time of year that they occur. 

Executive Board Vision Planning

The course promotes collaboration between officers when an entire council or chapter board is enrolled.

But, sorority officers will still benefit from the leadership development through individual reflection if enrolling on your own!

Looking for collaborative discussions to accompany these courses?

Cassie Little presenting on stage with a microphone in front of a room full of college women

Host a Facilitated Discussion with any Large Group Course Enrollment!

Cassie is a sorority advocate and community enthusiast, having worked with chapters and councils all over the country.
She is passionate about cultivating sisterhood where women know that their individuality has a place in their sorority, they are enough just as they are, and can thrive in college. 

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