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Meet Cassie

Speaker, Podcast Host, and Community Enthusiast

Hey sister! So glad you're here.

For the past eight years, I have been working with sororities to create meaningful communities where women can be their authentic selves & thrive! I founded Her Sorority Journey because I wanted you to have what you needed to cultivate belonging & purpose in your sisterhood. I would love to support you in creating a chapter culture where your sisters know that they are enough and are able to own the role they play in your sisterhood! Scroll down to learn how we can work togehter: 

Start Your Journey

In an ever-changing season of sorority, 

I can only imagine the stress and pressure you are experiencing to maintain a valuable membership experience & retention of sisters as you navigate a new in-person format! I would love to support you in sustaining the value and purpose of your organizations in this uncertain time.

Read below to learn how our keynote,

Strengthening Sisterhood Despite Uncertainty, will reignite your members' purpose and enthusiasm for your chapter or community sisterhood.

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Want more information on availability & pricing?

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Strengthening Sisterhood Despite Uncertainty

In an ever-changing sorority experience, is your sisterhood connected to one another or what matters most? 

Through interactive discussions and  “Strengthening Sisterhood Despite Uncertainty,” Cassie aims to revive members' purpose & engagement in their post-pandemic membership. Cassie's guided reflection will lead members to take ownership of their sorority journey and rebuild meaningful in-person connections.

From Sisters to Leaders

Creating a culture of leadership in a chapter or organization starts with one sister challenging their sisterhood to take ownership of their contributions to something greater than themselves.


"From Sisters to Leaders" will empower your attendees to identify and improve in their unique leadership skills. By living out their personal strengths in their sorority, they will naturally build up their sisters to grow in their personal leadership.


 Redefining   Recruitment   Ready 

Want to attract more potential new members to sign up for recruitment? It’s time to stop overthinking recruitment logistics & start investing in the sisters who your potential new members will want to join!

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 Sell Your 
Sorority Skills 

Have you thought about how your sorority experience is equipping you for your next steps after college? You’ll be surprised how many chapter activities create valuable experiences, preparing you for your profession! From basic Panhellenic membership requirements to in-depth officer responsibilities, let’s unpack your marketable skill set for any desired professional field.


 Why Don't My   Sisters Care? 

Leadership has the potential to be rewarding but is often draining when officers are the only members who care. If motivating your members to play an active role in your organization is a challenge, let’s unpack why they are disengaged.



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"Our Tri Sigma members absolutely loved the enthusiasm that Cassie Little brought to the stage. She was able to engage our newly elected officer, and talk to them about being sisters first as well as dedicated leaders.”

Samantha G.B.

Leadership Program Designer

Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority 

Screen Shot 2023-03-20 at 9.43.40 PM.png

"Last year, we were overjoyed to welcome the largest Panhellenic new member class in University of South Carolina history and the training our recruitment counselors received played a huge part in reaching that goal! We are thankful for our experience working with Her Sorority Journey and would recommend Cassie and her programming over and over again!

Grace T.

Panhellenic VP of Recruitment 

University of South Carolina

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