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Application for our
$3,000 grant is OPEN! 


Grant Application Criteria

Timeline - 2024

female entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-28

looking for financial support to build

their passion project into a

revenue generating business

[Open to all women - not exclusive to sorority members.] 

March 18

May 6

May 13 - 24

May 31 

Application Opens

Application Closes

Interviews Hosted

Recipient Selected & Funds Gifted!

Why a Grant?

Since Her Sorority Journey started in 2020, women-owned businesses have DOUBLED. But the funding has not followed.

While women-owned businesses outpace those owned by men, women are only receiving 1.9% of venture capital funding available.

Sources: Wells Fargo News Room, Fast Company

Her Sorority Journey was founded because, more than I believe in sorority,

I believe in women. Women deserve to know they're allowed to take risks & bet on themselves. I never imagined becoming an entrepreneur but, the people around me 4 years ago believed in me so much that they supported me every step of the way to turn something I loved into my career. My heart is to give that gift of tangible support, in addition to mentorship & encouragement, to another young female entrepreneur so she can take the next best step in her business journey. 

So here's to you, your passion for what you love, and your vision to partner with female business owners to contribute your unique skills to our world.

Thanks for inviting us to be a part of your business journey!

Cassie Little

Founder & CEO, Her Sorority Journey

Apply Here!
How did you hear about our grant?

Thanks for inviting us to partner in your business journey!

We look forward to reviewing your business vision and will be in touch soon.

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