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Her Sorority Journey

Providing Guidance to Today's Sorority Woman

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The Her Sorority Journey Three- Path Course serves as a roadmap to sorority women in three specific seasons of their membership. The Trailhead, Rest Stop, and Scenic Overlook support members in navigating the unique challenges that come with sorority recruitment as a potential new member, staying engaged as an active member, and seeing the value of membership as an alumna. 


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I am a... 

Potential New Member

Active Collegiate Member

Alumnae Member

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Snowy Forest
Erin H headsot

Erin H.

Chapter President 

As a current officer, I found the

Her Sorority Journey Course to be an extremely valuable resource, not only for myself but for the rest of my chapter!

After taking the course, I used Path Two to start a conversation with the women in my chapter about why we all have stayed. Having this conversation brought us back to why we value the sorority experience, and helped us get ready to welcome new women into our chapter.

Mikaela N with cowgirl hat

Mikaela N.

Panhellenic VP of Recruitment

I had the best time working Her Sorority Journey during the formal recruitment period to educate our potential new members about what being a sorority woman is all about. Path 1 instilled a values-based recruitment within the community this year and helped the potential new members see the value of being a member of the community no matter what chapter they were in. Utilizing the course increased our retention rates and led to an overall more successful recruitment!

Julia B headshot

Julia B.

Scholarship Recipient 

This past summer, I was ready to let go of my chapter. I see it as a blessing that I saw the Her Sorority Journey Scholarship when I did because without it, I probably would not be an active sister. Providing a place for minority women to find their purpose in their chapter felt very empowering and encouraged me to continue to be a part of my chapter, bettering my relationships and experiences with my sisters.

I owe it all to this experience.

Course Overview

Her Sorority Journey Course path one the trailhead

Starting sorority recruitment is like passing the trailhead as you start a long-awaited hike. You show up with everything you need to be prepared for what lies ahead.

Just like any other journey, potential new members need to enter recruitment EQUIPPED with the awareness of what recruitment & membership requires!

Path 1 is a guide for women considering sorority membership to know what to expect and plan ahead for their sorority journey.

Interested in enrolling your community's potential new members in Path 1?

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Her Sorority Journey Course Path 2 the rest stop

On any journey, you have to pace yourself and take breaks along the way.

It can be so easy to RUSH through our frustrations & accomplishments as sorority women to get to the next thing.

We're here to help you pause long enough to realize how you got here, what you want, and what's motivating you to stay present and engaged. Reflecting on your membership will reignite your enthusiasm for your chapter.


Interested in enrolling your chapter's recruiters or community's recruitment counselors in Path 2?

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Her Sorority Journey Course path 3 the scenic overlook

What do you do when you see a sign for a scenic overlook? While they're easy to pass by, if you took the time to pull off, you would experience a beautiful view.


In our sorority journey, we need to look back on where we've come from to learn from our collegiate experience and move forward as alumnae with confidence.


Interested in enrolling your new alumnae in Path 3?

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Cassie Little headshot



Cassie Little        

For the past six years, I have been working with sorority women to create meaningful communities where women can be their authentic selves & thrive! I created this course to support Y O U and your team in growing the impact of sorority on your campus. As a past chapter president and Panhellenic officer, I can relate to the struggles you're facing going into your term. You deserve to have a place where you know you belong and I'm here to support you in providing that for the women in your community!!

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