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So What's This Journey All About?

Updated: May 17, 2023

Curious what I mean by being on a journey? You're in the right place ~ read below!

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When launching this space for women to feel heard and understood, I was captivated by concepts of lifelong learning, a growth mindset, and a personal sense of direction. I can't think of anything that captures that sentiment more than a journey. The symbolism of an ongoing adventure is powerful as we are constantly evolving, seeking guidance, and learning from our past in preparation for our future. There's beauty in knowing that where we are is exactly where we're meant to be and not the final destination. I believe that being on a journey means that the season you're in, beautiful or difficult, is simply temporary. Where you are now is a result of where you've been and what you do now will impact what comes next.

We're all on our own individual journeys where sorority membership gets to play a beautiful role, often during a pivotal season of our journey.

Here are three ways to maximize this unique stage of your journey:

Reflecting on Where You've Been

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Understanding what brought you where you are today cultivates a heart of humility and serves a reminder of your capability. Whether that was loved ones in your life pushing you to be your best self or persevering through a hard situation, you have been shaped by your circumstances. I hope you take time where you are to look back on your experiences, cheerleaders, and motivations to see that you are w o r t h y of the new opportunities you're entering.

Navigating Transition

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Moving between seasons can be exciting but often uncomfortable! New stages of life bring uncertainty and require us to consider how we want to adapt to our circumstances. This is your time to outgrow old habits or dependencies and set new expectations for yourself and standards for those in your life. I encourage you to embrace the awkward growing pains of transition to be aware of how you process the newness!

Envisioning Your Future

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Have you set goals beyond where you are now? Without fixating on the future, it is important to develop a trajectory for your growth and who you see yourself evolving to be. Maybe you've spent your whole life waiting for this moment, this accomplishment, this landmark. So where can you go from here? As you consider where you want to be, I still challenge you to be present in the season that you are currently in ~ knowing that setting goals gives us somewhere to aspire to be while being content in the growth we are experiencing now.

Regardless of where you are, know that no one else will navigate your journey the same way as you. This is Y O U R story, Y O U R experiences, and they will never be comparable to any sister's story or experiences. As I invest in this community for women and develop resources to provide guidance, I want you to know that I have Y O U in mind ~ a college woman looking to find her place, grow as a leader, make an impact, and cultivate deep relationships with those around her.

Her Sorority Journey is really Y O U R sorority journey.

Sister ~ I just couldn't be more excited for you and whatever your beautiful adventure will look like. Stay connected for more resources to support you on Y O U R sorority journey.

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