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Why You Should Still Go Through Sorority Recruitment

Hey sister,

If you are considering going through recruitment this fall and debating if you should follow through, this is for you! Whatever you have been looking forward to in sorority membership, it is still there waiting for you, even if it's in a different format than what you were expecting.

When you became interested in sorority life, I'm sure sisterhood was one of your top selling points. The feeling of belonging is a fundamental need in college! We all want to feel that we are where we're meant to be, surrounded by people who love and respect us. Sorority is one of the deepest spaces of belonging on a college campus. With the current state of our world and college campuses, I imagine you have questions:

  • Is sorority still worth it this year?

  • Will I still need to feel like I belong with our virtual or hybrid campus restrictions?

  • Will sorority still provide opportunities for me to develop meaningful relationships?

Your questions are so valid. The uncertainty around everything this year makes us rethink things that we used to be confident in. So here are the reasons why you should still go through sorority recruitment:

  1. Sorority is designed to celebrate with women in their success and support them through challenges. While it's most common form is in person, celebrating and supporting can also take place virtually! Now more than ever we need to be "surrounded" (figuratively) by women who build us up. Go through recruitment to find your people who will build you up through this crazy unique season.

  2. Our purpose of empowering one another has never been more in focus. Over the past several months, anything that could have potentially distracted us from this purpose has been cancelled. The formals, T-shirts, philanthropy events, and more were cancelled last semester leaving only the essentials to be discussed virtually: sisterhood. You are joining a chapter that has prioritized belonging since March without a single unnecessary requirement/commitment/distraction. SCORE for you!

  3. You get to meet chapters from the comfort of your own home!! Typically, recruitment is made up of pretty long days. While I love recruitment, I admit that it can be a hard, exhausting, uncomfortable process. This is such a unique opportunity for you to get to know chapters in a space that's familiar to you. You control the environment and can dress confidently without having to go anywhere at all!! Take advantage of this opportunity!

Even though sorority will look different this year, it's still as essential (if not more essential!) to a woman's college experience.

While this year presents new challenges, it also offers us the opportunity to explore new ways of doing things and rethink our traditions. It's an exciting year to go through recruitment and be a part of this new chapter of sorority history. I hope you'll go through recruitment and can't wait to see what chapter you join!

If you're looking for more direction as you start your sorority journey, head on over to our course for aspiring sorority women! It's designed to be a toolkit to answer all your questions and give you everything you need to know before you join.

Use the discount code ALLMYFRIENDS for $5 off the course!

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