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Sisterhood Beyond Your Chapter: Finding Sisters in the Panhellenic Community

Running home on bid day, a day filled with excitement and eagerness, and being embraced by a strong, and powerful sisterhood is what many girls dream about. While most people find that within their own chapter, Panhellenic is one of the strongest sisterhoods.

At my small Division 2 school in the Midwest, our Panhellenic community takes sisterhood to a more personal level. Comprised of just five sororities with around 30 members each, our Panhellenic sisterhood is one of the strongest things in our community. Little did I know, that my formal recruitment journey would connect me to a large network of friendships across all the chapters. From the girls in my recruitment counselor group to the older members of other chapters, they would soon become some of my best friends and mentors.

The community built through joining a sorority is honestly something I would not trade for the world. I have found my best friends in my chapter who cheer me on, support me, and hold me accountable throughout college. My friends in the Panhellenic community are also cheering me on, wanting to see success, and even being a support system across the board. Sororities offer a diverse group of women who have walked through all walks of life.

One of my best friends is the perfect example of sisterhood across the whole Panhellenic community. During my sophomore year, I took a position on the Panhellenic executive board that allowed me to run the social media accounts. This had me working closely with our FSL advisor, who happened to be a recent alumna of Alpha Gamma Delta. Despite not coming from the same chapter, she and I became very close by spending many hours in her office, helping out with all sorts of tasks, and doing content for the community. I now call her one of my best friends and has been a rock for me these last couple of years. Eventually, her friends have become my friends, and my friends have become hers. This not only built our friendship but also built the sisterhood between the two chapters. Since we knew each other better, the socials became more fun, and Panhellenic sisterhood events became an enjoyable thing for everyone.

Sisterhood goes far beyond the girls in your chapter. Sisterhood is running into Panhellenic members on campus and being excited to see each other. Sisterhood is going on walks and stopping to use the bathroom at the other sorority house. Sisterhood is showing up and supporting all philanthropy events for other chapters. Sisterhood is being able to confide in others and get advice from people who understand what you are going through. Sorority life is not always the easiest walk. You have to want the experience and you have to put in what you want out of it. If the effort is never made to hangout, and spend that intentional time together, then your sisterhood is going to come across as more surface-level.

Sisterhood is one of the most valuable things you can find in a sorority. Make sure you are open to all forms of sisterhood as you might not know what or where you will find it. 

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