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What Taylor Swift Taught Us About Sisterhood

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

As Eras Tour hype swept the country this summer, we watched many of our sorority members enthusiastically attend and chapter accounts share recaps from the concerts their sisters went to. But why did thousands of sorority women take to this experience with more enthusiasm than Bid Day? My theory is that Taylor Swift preaches some important, validating, and therapeutic messages that members in our community have been desperate to hear. So here are just a few of the lessons I believe Taylor Swift has taught us all about sisterhood.

sorority women at Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

Embrace Childhood Nostalgia

There was something about this whole experience that felt like our favorite sisterhood retreat times 10! The "commitment to the bit" that every attendee agreed to in iconic theme execution through outfits and crafting. By preaching "make the friendship bracelets" and "never grow up," Taylor taught us not to be embarrassed or shy away from the things we enjoyed in our youth. She instead invites us to dance with our sisters, dress up in our best dress for fun occasions, and do the bejeweled craft projects!

Good Things Are Worth The Wait

After surviving the Great War, it felt like Death by a Thousand Cuts to wait for your turn to see Taylor in concert or for her to announce two long-awaited re-recordings. We can feel similarly waiting on Bid Day, Big/Little reveal, elections, and to feel at home in our sisterhood- not sure how to trust the process. But just like the Eras Tour, we can be patient knowing that good things take time and most of the memories that come from the wait are timeless.

sorority woman at Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

Individuality Can Be Celebrated Within A Greater Group

Even though all we say in recruitment is ”You Belong with Me" regardless of differences, it can be hard to stay true to yourself being a part of an organization of so many women. But in the same way, people from all over the world came to the Eras Tour resonating with different eras, we can also be our authentic selves with our unique stories while being a part of something greater than ourselves. Long live authenticity in sisterhood!

Sisterhood Is Waiting For You! Just Lean In...

Isn't it crazy that in communities of 100s or 1,000s of sisters, we can feel so alone? The sisterhood we're looking for can feel so out of reach. If we learned anything from the Eras Tour, it's You're not On Your Own Kid. you get to decide how much you get out of your sisterhood. The level of investment you put into others just by introducing yourself to a new sister or making an effort to make plans with others correlates to your understanding of chapter morale. Lean in, show up, and invest in one another!

sorority women at Taylor Swift's Eras Tour

Reflection Leads To Gratitude

The Eras Tour meant so much to so many because of the unique memories it triggered in each of us. It's enchanting to look back on where we were when we first related to some of these songs and how much we've grown. We need to look back in sorority to remember our why. Seeing how we've grown since the last time we participated in an annual event can renew our purpose in our sisterhood because of the impact it's had. Gratitude never goes out of style.

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