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Sister, You Belong Here

If you're a current member, planning on joining a chapter in the fall, or reflecting back on your collegiate membership experience, you are probably intently tuned in to the recent conversations our national sorority community has had around diversity & inclusion. While we have been promoting diverse & inclusive spaces for a while now, reflecting on how our histories created traditions that perpetuate bias in our chapters is overdue. Now that they're happening, I want you to have easy access to what plans your organization or organizations your considering joining are implementing to create a culture where any woman can feel at home:

Hey sister ~ if you've been keeping up with Her Sorority Journey for a while now, you know that we are here to foster hard conversations that advocate for the intended sorority experience. What we have experienced these past four months reminds us that there is still a deep need for sorority. Sorority connects us with women who become sisters to be there to celebrate the wins as well as grieve the disappointments of our journey.

Every woman is worthy of finding a home in our community, if she so desires. Her skin tone, sexual orientation, or any disabilities should not turn her away from the personal growth & lifelong friendship our organizations foster.

So while I hope our thoughts on inclusion encourage you, I know you know that we are not an organization you'll become a member of. Let's talk about where the 26 Panhellenic organizations stand. Regardless of your membership status, it's important that you know where your sorority or the chapters you're considering joining have to say about diversity, inclusion, equity, and access:

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