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4 New Year's Resolutions to Revitalize Your Sisterhood

Happy New Year, sisters! There is something about a fresh start in the new year that we are so excited about. We aspire to implement new habits, routines, or ways of living that will inspire some change in our lives. While we are quick to set New Years’ Resolutions to see a personal change, what would happen if you set goals for yourself that would lead to a change in your sisterhood? Here are 4 New Year’s Resolutions to consider implementing to revitalize your sisterhood this year:

1. Commit to Showing Up

Before complaining about how much is on the calendar this semester, reflect on WHY these events are on the calendar. What value are they bringing you as a member or how are they facilitating your chapter to make an impact on the community? Consider the relationships that will be strengthened either with your sisters or other members of the community. Selfishly look at how the events will benefit you and selflessly consider how you will be able to make an impact on someone through attending.

As much as you commit to show up at events, also commit to showing up for yourself. Practice the self care that fills your cup. This will look different for every member of your chapter. Maybe it’s going on a walk, reconnecting with family, going for a drive, getting ahead on a project or assignment to relieve stress, or disconnecting from technology to get real with yourself. When you practice self care, you are preparing yourself to be present in other areas of your life, like sorority. Fill your cup so you have capacity to fill your sisters in your time together.

2. Act like an Officer

Have you heard the term “titleless leader?” If you have or haven’t, 2023 is your year to be a titleless leader. Being a “titleless leader” means acting like an officer with or without a title. Think about how you expect your officers to act. You probably want them to be present at events if they are in charge or not, engage with all members (not just their best friends), represent their chapter with pride on campus, and be an example of all the good the sorority has to offer. YOU CAN BE THAT MEMBER. Take ownership of the role you want other sisters to hold in the chapter and start living it yourself. Before you know it, others will rise to the occasion and join you as titleless leaders themselves.

3. Invite a New Sister to Dinner Once a Month

Get out of your comfort zone and connect with new sisters! If you’re newer in the chapter, reach out to an older member who you look up to and ask to hear more about their experience. As an older member, make plans with a new member to see if you can answer any questions they have about the sorority and affirm that you are here for them! Not only will you feel more connected in the sisterhood but it will be impactful for the sisters who you make time for.

4. Thank an Advisor or Volunteer

Is there an advisor or volunteer who has made a big impact on your sorority experience or who you consistently notice giving of their time and energy? Tell them! Many of your advisors are alumnae of your sorority and therefore your sisters! Letting them know how much you appreciate their investment will motivate them to continue serving your chapter. Additionally, relationships with alumnae regularly benefit members in the form of references, recommendation letters, career advice, or job opportunities!

A close sister recently shared with me some advice that I am carrying with me into 2023:

The kindest we can do for others is be the healthiest version of ourselves.”

What does the healthiest version of you look like? Is that person present and proud of what they are a part of? Is she well connected and grateful for the people who matter most? If you’re like me, 2022 was marked by overwhelm, burnout, and exhaustion. Let’s leave that in 2022 together and choose healthy, consistent routines that allow us to be invested in what matters most, like sisterhood.

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