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Kickstart Your Convos!

Ready to step up your recruitment conversations? Reconsider your questions! Her Sorority Journey's Executive Assistant, Lindsey Clemensen, and group of interns, Katerina Rushizky, Kaitlynn Grabill, and Beth Marshall, have questions to refresh your conversations, reveal the membership potential of potential new members, and make them feel at home in your chapter!

General tips: Try asking opened ended questions. Questions that have a yes or no answer. Think of questions that start with “What” or “How.” Also use “Tell me more…” statements. As a recruiter you should be genuinely curious in getting to learn about a PNM.

Open House//Meet the Chapters- Round 1 Questions:

  1. What made you choose (insert university name here)?

  2. What are you most excited about this semester?

  3. Why did you decide to go through recruitment?

  4. Why did you choose your major? – If you know sisters with the same major, this is a perfect way to segway into talking about them/sisterhood.

  5. What classes are you taking? Which one are you most looking forward to? – Another opportunity to connect over shared interests, or to connect another sister to the PNMs answer.

  6. What are your dream jobs/career goals?

  7. What is something you are passionate about?

  8. What’s a favorite memory from high school (or college so far)?

  9. What was your favorite class in high school (or in college so far)?

  10. What’s something spontaneous that you’ve done?

  11. What other organizations are you a part of/do you want to be a part of?

  12. What are your hobbies?

  13. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Philanthropy- Round 2 Questions

  1. What types of philanthropy/volunteer work did/do you do?

  2. What types of charities have you been involved with?

  3. What does giving back or giving graciously mean to you?

  4. Do you have any nonprofits that you are passionate about?

  5. What are you looking for in a sorority in terms of philanthropy or volunteer opportunities?

  6. If you could start a charity for anything, what would it be for?

  7. If you could have a TED Talk on anything, what would it be on?

  8. Why is Philanthropy important to you?

  9. What does your past involvement look like?

    1. What organizations have you been a part of in high school/currently on campus?

    2. How do you plan on getting involved on campus? (if they’re new to campus)

    3. Have you held a leadership position in any of your organizations?

  1. If you had $10,000 what charity would you donate to and why?

Sisterhood- Round 3

  1. Which of our core values do you connect most with - [insert core values of sorority]? Why? – If this value is also your favorite, you can talk more in-depth about it, or talk about why that value resonates with you.

  2. What do you think you could bring to a sorority?

  3. What do you hope to gain from sorority life?

  4. How would your friends describe you?

  5. How would you describe your best friend?

  6. What are your favorite things to do with your friends? – This question is another great way to talk about things you’ve done with sisters/favorite memories with sisters.

  7. Who is your biggest inspiration/role model?

  8. What is your best personality trait?

  9. Do you see yourself taking on a leadership role?

  10. What are your personal values?

  11. What value of ours sticks out to you?

  12. How has recruitment been going for you so far? – If it’s been stressful, this is a good time to reassure them.

Preference Round- Round 4

  1. What have you heard from <insert organization name> this week that has meant the most to you?

  2. What are you most excited about, knowing you are about to begin a lifelong sisterhood?

  3. What did you find this week that you were hoping to find in a sisterhood?

  4. We know our sisterhood is unique and special, and we hope you have seen that too.

  5. My sisters give me a feeling…

  6. In <your organization name>, I have found…

~Statements for PNMs who disclose that they are choosing another Chapter~

  1. While I think you could be happy in <your organization name>, the most important thing is for you to find the place where you feel at home.

  2. Even though you may be leaning a different direction, I hope you still feel welcome here today.

  3. I still have really enjoyed getting to know you this week and look forward to having another friend on campus.

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