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Intern Insight: FAQs Before Joining a Sorority

Recruitment season is here! Do you feel like you have a thousand questions before sorority recruitment? Lucky for you, a few of the HSJ interns have been there! They are here for you to answer the questions they had going through recruitment!

Q: If I join a chapter but love another chapter’s philanthropy, will I still be able to support them? Can I make friends with people in other chapters?

A: YES! When you join a sorority, you are not only joining a chapter; you are joining an entire Panhellenic community filled with passionate women. When I was going through recruitment, I loved all of the sororities’ philanthropies and wanted to continue to be able to help them even after I joined my chapter. When you join this community, you are not limited to just talking with women in your chapter or supporting your own philanthropies. There will be philanthropic events and fundraisers that sororities put on that are open to the community, where you will still be able to support them. It is also highly encouraged for you to meet members in other chapters and form those Panhellenic friendships. My best friend and I are actually in different chapters, and I even encouraged her to join her chapter. I joined a year before her, and while I would have loved for her to join my chapter, I just wanted her to join the Panhellenic community. When I found out another chapter was joining our campus, I encouraged her to check it out, and here we are today. Throughout our time at my university, we have supported one another with philanthropy events and fundraisers and even accompanied each other to our formals.

Q: There are so many chapters to meet! How do I narrow down my options and make a final decision?

A: While each person’s recruitment journey is unique, there are a few things to consider when making your choices throughout the week. Two of the most important things to think about are how you felt when you were with each chapter and your conversations at each one. Chances are you felt more relaxed and had better conversations with specific chapters for a reason! As hard as it may be, try to avoid letting your friends’ decisions and chapter reputations affect your decision - one house might be an excellent fit for one person, but not for another! It is easy to overthink such an important decision, but everything happens for a reason, even as cliche as it may be!

Q: Why should I go through recruitment? What does sorority life offer that other clubs and organizations don’t?

A: The list of reasons why you should join a sorority is endless! Where else on campus will you find opportunities for service and leadership, academic assistance, mentorship, networking opportunities, and a lifelong sisterhood? Sorority life truly encompasses it all! In addition to all of those reasons, it is a great way to meet like-minded individuals who share similar interests and values. It also allows you to create connections not only on your campus but across the country! Being a sorority woman automatically gives you a shared experience with thousands of women from coast to coast, which can benefit you well beyond your collegiate years. If you’re considering joining a sorority, I would recommend attending the pre-recruitment events offered on your campus or meeting with the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office at your school to learn more about what Greek Life offers on your specific campus.

Q: What is the time commitment of being in a sorority?

A: Every woman’s sorority journey is based on evolving and building her shared growth within the chapter. No member’s experience or answer can accurately decide your own personal time commitment to the chapter you choose. You can be as involved as you want. You can serve in leadership positions requiring more devotion and hours or remain a general member and decide to spend your time in other areas on campus. Regardless, all women, leaders or not, enjoy the feeling of supporting their sisters in reaching their goals!

Q: Will I end up in a sorority? What if I get dropped by every sorority?

A: I’m sure this thought has gone through every PNM’s head at least once. You’ll hear the phrase “trust the process” A LOT during recruitment, and as cheesy as it sounds, it is so true. If you go into recruitment with an open mind and no pre-existing biases about chapters, you will have a clear head and heart throughout the process. Be yourself when you are talking to the active members in every chapter. They genuinely want to know who you are and your passions. They want you to find your home as much as you do. If you have a positive outlook on the whole experience, you won’t be disappointed!! Unfortunately, in rare circumstances, there is a chance you may be completely released from formal recruitment. While this may be a challenging situation, it definitely does not mean your sorority journey has to be over. Sometimes formal recruitment can be overwhelming and intimidating, which can cause high anxiety and stress for PNMs. You might not be able to be your most authentic self during recruitment. If you are released from recruitment, do not be afraid to reach out to your recruitment counselors for assistance, and be sure to get information about the options available to you. There are options! If your heart is set on finding a sisterhood, you can either wait a year and go through formal recruitment again next year, or you can immediately start the Continuous Open Bidding (COB) process. This is a much more relaxed setting where you are able to meet with eligible chapters of your choosing and find your sisterhood that way. Everyone’s journey is unique and individual to them. No matter what happens keep your chin up and don’t give up on finding sisterhood!

Stay tuned throughout July for answers to more questions about sorority recruitment through our podcast, social media accounts, live workshops, and more!

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