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Dear Her Sorority Journey, What Do I Need to Know Before Joining A Sorority?

Making the decision to join a sorority can be a tough one! There are so many factors to consider in joining sorority life as a whole, as well as in picking which sisterhood will be the best fit for you. Knowing what truly creates sisterhood and what the sorority experience is meant to be will kickstart your sorority journey. Being aware of the time expectations, knowing how you plan to balance everything, and simply knowing and being confident in your authentic self, will set you up for success in your chapter.
Essential Aspects of Strong Sisterhood

The best place to start is understanding what the sorority experience is meant to be and how to cultivate and live in a sisterhood. Sorority life is largely intended to foster an environment where young women can learn, grow, and develop into the women they are meant to be. Women are able to define their own personal values and find out who they truly are in a safe environment, surrounded by others who are on a similar path of self-discovery, and where everyone is supporting each other with encouragement, resources, and more. Sisterhood takes this all one step further.

A sorority experience that cultivates sisterhood creates a feeling of belonging and purpose for its members. Members can be their completely authentic selves without shame and they are supporting and encouraging each other always to be themselves. The relationships that bloom from this kind of environment can (and have for many!) last a lifetime. There is a much deeper root than just friendship, and the sisters you gain throughout your time as a collegiate member are the women who will be by you on your best days and your worst and they will always be by your side, no matter what.

Balancing It All

Throughout the life-long experience, the value of balance is essential. You are not only a college student, but also a sister, club/organization member or leader, and maybe a part-time employee, not to mention a friend, daughter, and much more. Scheduling time for yourself, your schoolwork, your life, and your sisterhood is something many sorority members can feel overwhelmed by. Luckily, sisterhood gives us space to lean on one another during these times of high stress.

Your chapter will have a calendar that they share at the beginning of each semester outlining events and meetings to reference. We recommend adding these to your preferred calendar as soon as possible! This will help you manage your time and other activities accordingly. Any updates to the calendar will be shared as the semester progresses, so don't forget to add them right away.

One of the most important things is making time for yourself. Many sisters forget to take time for themselves and rest. Self-care will elevate every aspect of your experience since it will aid in the prevention of burnout, especially when you have so many competing responsibilities. Always take time to recharge after tough days or busy periods. You can do this alone or with sisters! Going on a walk with friends, reflecting on your own through journaling, or simply spending time alone in bed can be great ways to recenter yourself. Ultimately, you know yourself best! Soliciting self-care tips from other sisters can also be helpful. Knowing how to take care of yourself and being ahead of your schedule is one of the best ways to balance it all!

Return on Investment

Being a part of a sorority can be a super rewarding experience. Women are able to grow exponentially throughout their time as a member and beyond through leadership, personal development, relationship building, and so much more. However, you are only going to get out of the experience what you put into it.

Now, we're not saying make sorority your whole life- unless you want to! Many organizations may even require you to be involved in at least one other opportunity on campus. Exploring your interests is what college is about, after all! From our experience, being in a sorority pushed us to join organizations that we otherwise would not have and has broadly expanded our personal networks on campus. In turn, being in other organizations has given me more experiences, has helped me meet friends that have different similarities with me than the women in my sorority, and has helped me find mentors that are more directed in my chosen career path. We have also been able to gain friendships that then turned into them being my sisters!

With that in mind, the more you strive to be involved and get to know your sisters the more friendships you will create, leadership skills you will develop, and memories you will cherish for years to come. Take full advantage of your years as a collegiate chapter member to grow, learn, develop, and challenge yourself. It will pay off in multitudes.

Joining a sorority has the power to be one of the best decisions you can make. With so many factors to consider, remember that you have control over your experience!

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