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Connect with Community

There is nothing more powerful than a group of likeminded, passionate sisters. 

Our virtual community, Sisterhood for Your Journey, cultivates sisterhood between women across the country seeking to enhance their sorority experience & impact their campus community.

Ready to connect with other sisters experiencing similar joys and challenges? 

Join our private Facebook Group to find the support of hundreds of sisters on their sorority journey and beyond!

Grow & Learn from a Sister

Fill out the below form to receive your invite to the private Facebook Community!


Meet other sisters on their sorority journey and see the big picture impact of the national sorority experience. Participate in the weekly conversations and connect with women individually who you relate to! 

Share Ideas

Every meaningful change begins with an idea. Brainstorm solutions and run innovative strategies by other sorority leaders to learn from other sisters' successes and failures. We provide free downloadable solution guides to frequently discussed issues!

Ask for Help

Struggling with a specific issue on your campus or in your personal sorority journey? Know that you are NOT the only one facing that difficulty and your sisters in the community can relate to & support you. 

Check your Email for your invite link! It can take up to 24 Hours

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